Fourth of July Keto / Staying on Track

Hope you all had a great weekend and I hope you are looking forward to the 4th of July holiday! I know a lot of people have anxiety when it comes to summer parties and BBQ’s. I am here to help and I will be here for you. 

Just remember you will be fine if you stick with the meats! I am talking the sausages, pork chops, bunkers burgers and salads. If someone brings a salad with dressing already in it, ask them what’s in it. Stay away from most BBQ sauce, unless you know it’s sugar free.  Stay aeay from the chips amd potatoe salads! If you feel like having dessert, stick with berries and sugar free whip cream. 

As for alcohol and cocktails, remember spirits are the best. Vodka and tequila are the best and bring your own mixers. I enjoy Lacroix, and skinny margarita mix. Dark wines are the best and Michelob Ultra for beer. Remember drinking alcohol does makeit harder on your liver and sometimes can kick you out of ketosis. 

Please remember loves, that you own no one and explanation on why you eat Keto (unless you want to tell them). Don’t feel pressured into sugary desserts and the devil carbs! Keep strong and let’s have our Keto Fam’s back. You can do this! Sending love and light! Be blessed and safe this 4th. 

My friends and I celebrated this past weekend!